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December 28th, 2012 :

Funny how such a revolutionary thing can be going down and the main stream media is doing nothing but sell you spilled milk.
     Anyway, if you are one of those people in the mid-west, wishing you could have been around and been a part of something that is so important, well I've got something for you.
     Let me guess that nobody would shed a tear if we wiped out a few of the species of mosquitos we are having problems with. Well, I don't have a simple solution on something like that just yet, but if I were one of you guys or girls wanting to make a difference, please volunteer to wipe down bats with anti-fungicide.
     We've got a serious problem with bats getting white nose fungus while hibernating.
     Yah go into the cave when they are still asleep and wipe them down.
     Nothing to it, it's done with rubber gloves and stuff and it's really important to save the pregnant ones right now.

Oh hey, do the ever take a bath in any body of water somewhere before the winter sets in?
      Maybe we could set out bath tubs for them with a special mix of bath oil that could do the trick. Who knows?


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Save Our Bats

December 28th, 2012

The Story about Ol Dred,
the friendly old shark.

I found this web-page -
a real time simulation of CO2 emissions, birth rate and death rate






Those Pesky Car Guys



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