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The Story about Ol Dred,
the friendly old shark.

Kinna rude if you as me.
A sick game on the King of the Ocean.
This whole thing is kinna like waving a stake in front of a shark and teaching him he can't have it.

I got to thinking about what sharks may think of us.
     What if they knew we would hunt them down if one of them attacked us. What if one of their buddies tried to eat a kid playing at a beach one day and before they knew it, the humans had hunted down one of them, put a slug in his head and hung him from a hook. Maybe everyone in the school noticed that it must that ol Fed the Dred, was missing from the school.
     Old Dred had been around for many years, if he could use a walker, he would. And for how ever tasty those humans might have been, Dead they new it was best to just stay away.
     It wasn't even Dred who got the kid, instead it was some young whipper snapper who thought he could be sneaky and try to brake on of the rules.

Never the less those sharks never get a rest from swimming, and tired they get some times. They either get lazy or it's the fact that the water is so dirty, that they can only go by smell. However, the humans tend to drop food sometimes and that makes for an easy hunt. Some times they just just let their noise do the driving and goof up.
     Anyhow if they were trying to stay away, because of old guys like Fred the Dred, they probably wouldn't mine if we humans helped them differentiate their food from the humans. They may not be as afraid to even go around a human if they could tell the difference of the human scent from the scent of the food they hunt for.
      It's like, I'm allergic to peanut butter and I, and you will be just fine if you don't feed me it. Don't feed me the food you don't want me to eat and well be all right bud. Hook up with you in the next big swell.
      And don't they eat rock cod? Well, then all they may be doing is watching us lower down food in cages to the fish that they know they want big and fat to eat. We're probably doing the sharks a favour. Who knows?

But wouldn't it be cool if they ended up being just like dolphins, but Nasty looking.
      If you drop in on one of them; just don't fall, yah might just piss him off.

     I myself think that they will just go hunt where the sea lions and harbour seals go. I think they eat Sea Otters out of opportunity, but I could be wrong about that.

Kinna strange about what has been happening.
     Firemen getting shot at and a tank of sharks all of a suddenly brakes open in Asia.
     The has been a lot of these things happening that seems strange. However, I think the coolest thing about all these ideas I've handed over the past few weeks, is that there hasn't been the need to make any new laws to make them work.
     It's all about co-operation.

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I found this web-page -
a real time simulation of CO2 emissions,
birth rate and death rate


Save Our Bats

December 28th, 2012


Bottom Line:
I'm not sure I even wrote this piece. I'm pretty sure I wrote it out much better.
       When I have the time I will come back and re-write it, but the message I want to express is that people like that gal on the web who calls her self shark lady is doing us all the wrong kind of favour. All she is doing is as well as other's who feed sharks is putting humans in to the shark's food chain because the sharks will associate the sent of humans as a part of their food consumption.
       I figure that most of the shark bites on surfers are a result of that and it takes until they taste red meat is different than fish or blubber from sea-lions and harbour seals.
       The people who die most from shark attack are usually divers, but something tells me that they were feeding them in the first place.


Helpful Hint for the gardener

Here's one for the environmentalist in all of you: Look at all those dandelions in your yard. They're the product of the fact that you didn't mow them down the year before, before they seeded the lawn. If you feel a little lazy; and you don't want to mow your entire lawn to get those little yellow flowery bastards, just fire up the weed whacker and buzz the yard while they're still in flower form. It might save us all from some pollution usually made by lawn mowers and most of the chemicals we put on our yards to kill the little bastards.

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