Three Part Plan:
Rule Numbers- 3, 14, 21, 34 & 85

August 29th, 2015:
Summarizing what I said this morning.
       My Mission here can be summarized in three main goals I must achieve before I will consider myself successful. Furthermore, "not limited to," I must add.

# 1 We must eliminate radio activity:
We need to get rid of nuclear generation plants and weapons. We can't win with either of these along with the thought that having radio active generators for communications devices attached to the human body.

My Ultimate goal here is to teach Gods children to use the Spirit world to pass on their messages.
       There is a way of keeping in touch without a cell phones and many of those people have already learned to just leave it in their car and do all the talking or texting once they get back to it and they turn it off when ever they are around it, including when they are driving or even around it. .
       Apparently, just by turning them off at night has given so many people pleasant dreams and maybe even dreams of which their loved ones who've passed away has gotten in touch with them, -told them to do so because I've help them all get back in touch with each other in some strange sort of way.
       We share this world with the Spirit World and we must make allowances for them to participate in our lives.

Our lives need a Planet to Share with those Spirits
# 2 Get Rid of Coal fired Generation Plants
are the biggest threat to the warning of the planet.

So I will eliminating the problem there and then take a look of the list of other Global warning causes once I get a grip or accomplished that.

#3 Getting Rid of Evil:
Talking of quite the broad definition.

       The problem with that Goal, is there is a problem with it being everywhere.
       I feel if we can eliminate Evil in every which way we can, -all the better off we are and things will take care of themselves.
       We cold live the life of no worries and cops could hang up the bullet proof vest.
       But gee, we just had a cop blow away a guy over a box cutter. Heck if I was there, I would have grabbed the closes stick and smacked the guy's hands.

Oil Spill near Santa Barbara:
Rule Numbers-

May 26, 2015:
Plains Midstream Canada, was cited for 10 crude oil spills between June 2004 and September 2007 in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Kansas — resulting in a $3.25 million civil penalty in 2010.
       In 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that Plains had agreed to spend about $41 million to upgrade 10,420 miles of its pipeline, resolving its Clean Water Act violations.
       Since 2006, the Los Angeles Times reports, Plains has racked up 175 violations of safety and maintenance codes; an analysis of federal records revealed that the company’s rate of incidents per mile of pipe was more than three times the national average.
       Now they are saying that the pipe they used in Santa Barbara was too thin and didn't have certain valves.
       Don't you wonder that kind of information doesn't get reported to the rest of us through the press?

Set to Fail
Rule Numbers- 50, 51
or should we call it 5150?
Tue. November 18th, 2014:

You are telling me that they made the use of Sand Fencing illegal?.
       I'm not sure but I think they did it right here Oceanside..
       Well, gee, later on today or tomorrow, -when the sun gets at a better angle to the shore line, -south of the pier, I'll take a snap shot for future reference, (so if I'm even still around here, -say five years from now.)
       I'll do what I should have done a long time ago. (I may have good enough photos already already, -got to check.)
       Anyhow, all try to kick the, -bit and I'll show you all the two piles of rocks that will undoubtedly grow over time and overtake the shoreline.
       I'd also like to invite you all down to those two piles of rocks so you can try catching a wave out in front of either pile of those rocks which will undoubtedly brake up into smaller pieces and turn what was once sand into grave over time.
       Someone will undoubtedly burn a Shit-load of Diesel to get more of those rocks there along Oceanside shoreline.
       Dana Point will continually dump carbon pollution upon their neighborhoods and will undoubtedly continue to breath more silica sand from the machines that build the berm. And let us not forget about the Silica Sand that Berm kicks up into the air they have to breath from it all.
       I'm sure none of those street sweepers we have here running around our streets in Oceanside have any type of HEPA Filter that would be worth a dam after ten minutes.
       Heck here in Oceanside, they dump the Silica Sand on the Surfers with their little push blowers that blow the silica sand back out to sea every morning, day after day.
       Don't you get it? The beach that you should be growing is ending up in your vacuum cleaner instead of the beach.
       What you are trying to tell me is that Sand Fencing is only allowed in Old Movies and Modern Television commercials.
       And I should mention it's like salt in the eye when you see that they've got two TV Commercials running right now,
       -with actual Sand Fencing in them,
       -but the stupid legislators have been trying to make them extinct.
       I say its Evil

Fighting for Sand Fences?
Rule Numbers- 35 & 36
Wed. November 19th, 2014:

I couldn't tell you the number of times I heard the two word, "Dana Point" in the later 24 hours.
       I"m not sure what people are saying about Dana Point, but I'm guessing that the residents there have been up in arms about how they've been handling beach erosion.
       I can't tell you how they could put up with those machines running across the beach all the time.

Anyhow from what it sounds like is that maybe we've got some of those funky laws changed.
       I think it makes more sense to most of us it's better to use the power of the sun and wind to grow our beached instead of trying to build them with carbon emitting machines, (-for the sake of those contractors profits and the kick back they give to the local politicians that grant them the money to do so.)

I figure that 3/4 electrical conduit would work best for most of the stakes, but I would recommend either heavy walled 3/4 or going to 1" electrical conduit for the ends.

I would recommend plastic pipe to be used around or near children's play ground areas, (and maybe place protective caps on the metal end pipes, since the ends are where people will run into them the most.
      One problem with the plastic pipe is that you will may need to drill a hole in though the pipe so a cable tie can be used to keep it from sliding down, and I'm not big on loosing a bunch of used plastic ties in the sand and I'm afraid of what happens with the broken part of a plastic pipe if it's left in the ground.

I would advise looking into the kind of plastic pipe they use for plumbing natural gas, since it is a bit softer material and less likely to crack, split or brake when pounded into the grown, or even ran into by someone.

Wouldn't it be nice if they could make those orange plastic construction fencing more of a gray or brown color and make them only about 30" high? (But hey, cut it in half to 24" and it should work pretty good anyway.)

The One mistake I see most when people use sand fencing, is that they put the fences too close to parking lots and side walks. The thing you need to remember is that you want the fence at least 20-30 ft. in front from where you want sand deposited.
       Two rows about the same distance apart is even better, and if it woks right, the second row will get buried much faster than the first. Second row should be on a safe from the tied spot and the first row you have to figure on moving from in front to behind the safe second and to front again about every month as the tides stay below around five foot.

Where pedestrians is present, you just stagger the openings of the front and back fences.

In the winter I figure that just using one or two rows that just stay in safe places is probably the more practical way to go about it since the summer months are when we need to capitalize on the higher elevation of the Sun which dries the sand out more efficiently and will let Mother Nature's Wind carry it up the beach for Us.

March 28th, 2012:
EPA puts the Brakes on Coal Plants
Now even the electric cars will pollute less.
Funny how the main stream media seems to have missed such a big deal.
     It's been in the works for awhile and most of the power industry have been changing their plans to build natural gas power plants instead of coal plants in the future.
     The proposed EPA rules limit that no new plant may produce more than 1,000 pounds of carbon per megawatt generated. The typical coal plant produces about 1,700 pound per megawatt. Gas plants produce 800-850 pounds, (which is still a lot of carbon and some older gas plants still produce 1,000 lbs. per magawatt.)
     Existing coal fired plants will be grandfathered in because they still supply 48.3% of the electricity in the US. Natural gas produce 19% of the power here. However, from what I'm looking at Coal produces 80.5% of the CO2 emissions from generating electricity , while Natural Gas produces 17.6% of the CO2 from electric power generation. Obviously the numbers look better for Natural Gas.

By the way, Chrysler is coming out with a natural gas 3/4 ton this year and GM plans to produce a natural gas tin can the fallowing year. But for now they are finding suckers to pay $50-60,000.oo for a 3500 diesel with leather seats.
     However, I'm left wondering how the government is managing to get road taxes out of it. One big hole in the dream of me filling up my tank at my own home.
     Get this: According to the Dept. of Transportation, in December 2011, Americans drove 1.3% more miles than the year before and did so while using 2.5% less fuel to do it.
     I don't think I need to get into it, but some of you know of the post I have at Car Guys, about all the money Smith Electric Vehicles got from the US tax payers. It gave Smith a significant advantage by being subsidized so much.
     Well I'm sure the folks at Azure Dynamics will tell you that it was totally unfair to them because they are filling for bankruptcy now. Just like Bright Automotive and Think Global who have already closed shop. There are many companies having trouble making ends meet, but for Smith, it's a different story.
     There was a bit on B-3 of the WSJ about it today. Apparently, from what I gather: Azure Dynamics was suppose to get a grant from the department of energy for $4.7 million, but I guess that didn't pan out all the way.

Oil in the Gulf is on the minds of a lot of you.
I happen to think  the use of oil dispersant agents is a big mistake.

I can't figure out how in hell are you going to retrieve the oil patties that are floating around at a  hundred feet bellow. And they say they will pay what ever it cost.
       Yeah, tell me who is going to be paying the cost?
May 23,'10
Update: Dec. 10, 2010 - In the WSJ today it had an article stating how the oil spills have been on the rise since 2006.
In 2009 there were 28 major drilling related spills, natural-gas releases or incidents in the Gulf of Mexico.
    In the UK, in the 12 months ending in March there was 85 such serious incidents.
    Norway had 37 in 2009.
    Australia had 23 in the first half of this year and that is almost as much as the 24 they had in 2009.

This Tar shit. I don't know where it comes from , but if it came from BP or something or another like them, I wish they could stop by and clean this shit off my board for me.

Australia Overtakes U.S. in CO2 Emissions
 (in Per Capita)

Australia has overtaken the U.S. as the biggest emitter per person of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas blamed for global warming, according to a British risk analysis firm.

The U.K.-based risk assessment company Maplecroft, says that the average Australian contributes 20.58 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere each year to cool homes, drive cars and generate electricity with coal. The U.S. fell to second at 19.78 tons per inhabitant a year while Canada was third at 18.81 tons.

According to the survey, the average Chinese person emits 4.5 tons of greenhouse gases a year and a typical Indian 1.16 tons, . Because of populations in excess of 1 billion, the aggregate emissions of those two countries makes them the first and fourth-biggest emitters, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, which ranks the U.S. second and Russia third.

As the United Nations aims to write a climate-change treaty in Copenhagen in December

China and India argue that developed nations such as the U.S., Canada and Australia must cut emissions by 40 percent from 1990 levels in 2020, a key argument used by China and India that poorer countries need room to raise their greenhouse gases to allow them to develop.
You can be sure Australia will keep shipping coal to China Sept. 12, '09

While I was reading the July 2008 Popular Mechanics mag, I came across a bit written by Jon Luoma. I'm not sure how accurate his statements are but it just may shock you about the amount of pollution that we are pumping into the air.

Such as: a single 1000 megawatt coal fired power plant can send 6 million tons of CO2 up it's stack annually - as much as two million cars.

The alarming thing about it is that Jon says that China is putting on line one new coal fired plant every week and the US has more than 100 on the drawing boards.
    Update: 12-10-10 - The US has changed direction and switching over to natural gas because of the abundance natural-gas available has kept the price for natural-gas down and the pollution requirements that go into effect in 2015. Good move I say.


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Save Our Bats

December 28th, 2012

The Story about Ol Dred,
the friendly old shark.

In the Forest Alone?

Wondering about Bears?
Helpful Hint: Click two rocks together as you walk along, you want a bear to hear you coming because the last thing you want to do is surprise a bear.
       If you happen to think you smell something like a garbage dump, it's because one may be up wind of you.

I found this web-page -
a real time simulation of CO2 emissions, birth rate and death rate.


September 25th, 2010:
One of the things I'd like to mention. The two page article in the surfing magazine about what a surfer's personal inspection to how clean the beaches are down in the Gulf coast. It said basically if it isn't smack dab in front of some major motel, it just reeks from the smell of oil. There's not much you can do when you can't see the oil patties burred under the sand.
    As I've wrote under my Environmental Column, I happen to think the use of chemical dispersant is the wrong way to go about it. I can't help but wonder just how many oil spills actually happen and nobody is even informed about it. I happen to think that the patties people find are a result of the oil companies trying to make the oil sick so that their problems will go away. But then we sit back and wonder why our coral reefs are dying off Florida. I'd say it was the damn oil fumes that were drifting under the surface of the water instead of on top of it where we have a chance of at least cleaning it up.

And that the hell has a defense contractor such as Halabertion got doing not only ripping off are government but in the oil rig business too? Shit, I can't believe. Folks, I think we are just to stupid to be even trying to drill oil at such depths. That shit is scary.

Now on to part too.
I realize that there are some kind of natural tar pits down by Santa Barbara, but I've run across this tar shit before down a Studios.

Helpful Hint for the gardener

Here's one for the environmentalist in all of you: Look at all those dandelions in your yard. They're the product of the fact that you didn't mow them down the year before, before they seeded the lawn. If you feel a little lazy; and you don't want to mow your entire lawn to get those little yellow flowery bastards, just fire up the weed whacker and buzz the yard while they're still in flower form. It might save us all from some pollution usually made by lawn mowers and most of the chemicals we put on our yards to kill the little bastards.

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