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I'm concerned that kids should know about what went wrong, what is wrong, and I want to help them figure out ways to solve some of the problems in our society before it's too late. Many adults think there isn't anything they can do about the problems, but I think it's that they are just lazy or it's that they just don't want to be reminded of the problems, or maybe they just don't care.

For example these teachers should take heart in what the secretary on Ali Mcbeal show said about liking what she does for a living. Don't these teachers start their careers saying it's their desire was to help kids and they knew that there wasn't much compensation to be expected? Then what the hell are they complaining about? They knew they weren't going to get rich at from the get go and they also knew about the high turn over rate.

A problem is how educators just rehash the same stuff over and over, year after year. I've always noticed it wasn't until the end of the second semester before we’d reach new material that wasn't a repeat from the year before. Of course they add a little more to the same old shit from the year before, but why didn't they reach that far while they were there? I think it’s safe to say that 2/3 of the stuff they go over is the same shit they were taught the year before. The kids get bored with it, they loose interest in it and they see less importance to it.

The immigration system creates a major problem for the educational system by dumping children from other countries on their hand. He children often come from households where English isn't the spoken language. The kids are dumped in classes where the native students are up to par on the required knowledge and foreigners have to be taught things from the native's years before. It holds back the progression of many native students. The foreigners; they're mostly illegal.

Now-a-days parents say," They've got computers now." Well dah. We find out that most kids could teach the teachers more about computers than the belly achers who are suppose to teach the kids. I say big deal, I'm a high school drop out and the things I learned about computers collage don't apply much to the computer use I use today. I do just fine with a word processor, spread sheet and html programing for web-sites and nobody had to teach me a thing about it. (However, I did have a couple friends Dennis and Greg in North San Diego county give me a few pointers on building web-sites. Thanks guys.)

I feel what's wrong with the educational system is that they teach entrenched thinking and they don't teach or influence the kids how to learn about the things on their own freewill and desire.

Take in consideration of what I did it on my own without help or motivation from anyone else: When I started I really didn't know how involved and complicated my project would get, but I had the desire to teach myself what I needed to know. As far as the structural and mechanical engineering; I just ran with what I thought seemed appropriate from the mechanicals I'd analyzed throughoutmy life. After reading two text books on hydraulics I realized just how little I knew basic hydraulic circuits before hand. I combined basic electrical circuits with hydraulic circuits without any literature instructing me how to do so.
         Experience from working in the construction trades brought in the common sense approach to knowing what was desired from the finished product. Countless times I've been told by others that they could not have done what I've done. It's because systems like mine are usually designed by a number of professional engineers in at least three specialized fields of engineering. I've heard it said that I've done over 50 million dollars worth of research and development on my own, but I still wonder how accurate that is because I find it a little hard to believe.

It looks as though the girls are on their way to out smarting the guys

According to a report from higher education researchers:
            Female students are ahead of men in almost every measure of UK university achievement.
     When it comes to collage admissions, it sure looks that way. Maybe it's the result of killing of the private inventors since men have been known to be more of the risk taker types, they may have out number the women as to filing for patents. But the way the patent laws are set up, no doubt we have been eliminating them. Then end result would be that the higher intellectual males have been diminishing faster than the female counter parts.
     For more info on this topic, check out
 Men out-performed at university

More testing for drugs in water sought

A five-month-long inquiry by the AP National Investigative Team found that many communities do not test for the presence of drugs in drinking water, and those that do often fail to tell customers that they have found trace amounts of medications, including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones. The stories also detailed the growing concerns among scientists that such pollution is adversely affecting wildlife and may be threatening human health.

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10-21-99: I see they found a mammoth in ice. I think that's so cool, goes to show how old this place is. I wonder how we could thaw it out and preserve it like a taxidermist does animals.


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